PhD Placements


MAPSS places a large number of graduates in funded PhD programs each year. Over the last decade, we have sent an average of 82 students into fully funded doctoral programs each year. Eighty-five percent of our students applying to PhD programs have been successful in their applications, with success defined as at least one fully funded offer.

Because students are most successful in securing a PhD placement when they have completed the MA thesis and a year of graduate-level coursework at UChicago, our students typically apply to PhD programs the fall/winter after they graduate from MAPSS.

2022 PhD Placement:

During the 2022 admission cycle, 85% of MAPSS students/alumni (73 of 86) secured one or more fully funded doctoral offers. All received two or more funded offers; 10 were accepted to the University of Chicago. As of Fall 2022 there were over 100 MAPSS graduates pursuing a PhD at UChicago.

By discipline:

  • Anthropology: 77% of applicants had funded offers (11 of 15). They include admits at UChicago (2), Johns Hopkins, Stanford, Cornell, Maine, UCLA, Michigan, Georgia, UC-Berkeley, Arizona, UC-Santa Barbara, Athens, Central Florida, Pittsburgh, UC-Irvine, CUNY, Oklahoma, and UC-Santa Cruz.
  • Economics: 86% (6 of 7) applicants had funded offers. They include admits at UChicago (2), UC-San Diego, Toronto, the University of Hong Kong, Ohio State, Texas A&M, and SUNY-Stony Brook.
  • History: 71% of applicants had funded offers (10 of 14). They include admits at Princeton, Wisconsin, Columbia, Vanderbilt, Georgetown, Notre Dame, Johns Hopkins, Rice, UC-Berkeley, Michigan, NYU, UC-San Diego, Carnegie Mellon, Tulane, Indiana, South Carolina, Cornell, UIC, Mississippi, and Loyola.
  • Political Science: 88% of applicants had funded offers (14 of 16). They include admits at UChicago (3), Yale, Georgetown, McGill, Harvard, Toronto, Minnesota, Johns Hopkins, Wisconsin, UPenn, Ohio State, Tsinghua, UT-Austin, George Washington, UVA, Emory, Southern California, Rochester, Penn State, UC-Davis, Indiana, and Arizona State.
  • Psychology: 86% (6 of 7) of applicants had funded offers. They include admits at UChicago, Minnesota, Washington-St. Louis, Northwestern, Ohio State, Pittsburgh, UC-Santa Cruz, the University of Maryland, UC-Irvine, Oregon, Penn State, and Connecticut.
  • Sociology: 86% of applicants (19 of 22) had funded offers. They include admits at UChicago, Michigan, UCLA, NYU, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, Toronto, UC-Berkeley, UIC, Brown, Emory, Yale, UC-San Diego, Northwestern, Cornell, Wisconsin, McGill, UT-Austin, Penn State, UC-Santa Barbara, Boston College, UNC-Chapel Hill, UC-Irvine, Notre Dame, Indiana, Minnesota, UC-Davis, Washington-Seattle, and Southern California.
  • Other disciplines: 1 student was accepted to UChicago for the PhD in The Committee on Social Thought. 15 applicants were accepted for the PhD in Business (Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Ole Miss), Cinema and Media Studies (UCLA), Classics (Southern California), Finance (Northwestern, British Columbia), Global Studies (UC-Irvine), Near Eastern Studies (Cornell), Philosophy (Tulane), Public Policy (Princeton, Lee Kuan Yew), Religious Studies (Princeton, UC-Santa Barbara, Catholic University of America), Science and Technology Studies (Cornell), Social and Decision Sciences (Carnegie Mellon), and Theology (Notre Dame).