MAPSS Alumni

MAPSS graduates succeed in an astonishing range of career paths. While a third of our students continue on to a PhD, most pursue careers in business, nonprofits, and government. For those professionals, the training they receive in MAPSS equips them to help organizations better understand critical problems through rigorous and creative thinking.

Connecting With Alumni
There are several ways to stay in touch, meet, and network with fellow members of the MAPSS alumni community:

Keeping your contact information up-to-date with the MAPSS office is easy and ensures that you stay connected to the MAPSS community. Please update your e-mail preferences and career information to receive program and MAPSS alumni association updates, information about regional alumni events, and active job leads. You can also indicate your willingness to be contacted by other alumni for informational interviews.

MAPSS on LinkedIn | If you’re already a member of LinkedIn, consider joining the MAPSS Group to professionally connect with MAPSS alumni in a host of careers and industries. Look for MAPSS in Alumni Groups.

MAPSS on Facebook | If you’re already a member of Facebook registered as a University of
Chicago alum, consider joining the central MAPSS page to see what your classmates are up to
and get general updates and information from the program.

UChicago's Alumni Careers Network | The University’s Alumni Careers Network offers a searchable database of 15,000 alumni from across the university who are willing to serve as a resource.

Dialogo | Read current and previous issues of the Division of the Social Sciences magazine, highlighting faculty and alumni accomplishments and news from SSD.

The University of Chicago Alumni Directory | This University-wide directory is available to all
alumni, making it a great way to find a long-lost classmate and make sure they can find you.

UChicago News | Explore this video-based online archive of interviews, lectures, and other
interesting pieces from the University of Chicago community.

As a MAPSS alum, the best way to support the program is by sharing your story. Given the diversity of career paths, MAPSS students—and alumni making a transition—may lack the information necessary to identify viable options and focus their energy. While many candidates rely on sources of information such as job descriptions and organization websites, those who also engage with alumni as active sources of (insider) information are more likely to succeed. 

Contact the MAPSS Alumni Association to get involved and receive updates about events, the
program, and the University. We welcome your feedback and ideas as well.

MAPSS values alumni mentoring. Throughout the year there are opportunities to give career talks, connect with students through informational interviews, and participate in our annual MA Alumni Career Conference.

Our Alumni Career Mentor Seminars bring alumni to campus for career talks followed by question and answer sessions where MAPSS students can receive customized career advice and learn about possible trajectories.

Informational Interviews can also present mentorship opportunities. Speak with a current student about your work and career path for 15-30 minutes (in person or via Zoom or phone). To share your story with students, please contact Shelly Robinson, our Senior Director of Career Services and Professional Development. In coordination with the MAPSS Alumni Association, Career Services hosts an annual MA Alumni Career Conference to better utilize alumni time and increase its impact for students. The event features alumni panel discussions that are focused on how to best market the MAPSS degree, mock interviews, professional headshots, and a reception where students can practice their pitch and gain networking skills.

UChicago has recently expanded its Alumni Career Programs. There are also monthly webinars available to our alumni. The Alumni Career Program Jobs Board is available to those seeking a career change. You can also connect with Shelly Robinson, Senior Director of Career Services, for personalized job search assistance, to be added to our monthly jobs addendum, or if you are interested in hostly a webinar.

Each summer during Alumni Weekend, UChicago hosts a series of events, including lectures by distinguished faculty and social outings, for current and incoming alumni. Visit UChicago's Alumni Weekend page for more information about Alumni Weekend.