MA Teaching Fellow, Comparative Human Development

1155 E. 60th Street
Room 406
(773) 834-6301

Resney Gugwor is an MA Teaching Fellow of Comparative Human Development (CHD) in MAPSS. He earned his PhD in comparative human development in 2021, his MA in comparative human development in 2016, his MA in the social sciences from MAPSS in 2013, and his BA in psychology from Northeastern Illinois University in 2012. His research interests focus on identity and action across political/educational contexts and using quantitative and qualitative methods he demonstrates both the breadth and depth of these identity processes.

His research examines the ways identity motivate action for Black and Latine youth across different contexts; he examines the ways experiencing racial discrimination can alter how black youth position themselves and their race in terms of valuing certain forms of political engagement, such as high-risk activism; his doctoral research examines how first-year Black and Latine college students begin to doubt that college will be worth the cost in the future when they face challenges making ends meet in the present--this doubting reflects shifts in how they identify themselves after facing financial challenges and how they identify with their future. In both tracks, identity, or who we are is central to what we do and what we believe/imagine we can do."