In 2017, 4 of our graduates were accepted for the PhD in American Studies (Michigan, UC-San Diego), Media and Communications (Temple), Survey Methodology (joint programs at Michigan, Maryland), and Music (UChicago, UPenn, Harvard, and Columbia).

6 students received funded offers in Law (Yale, Harvard, Michigan, Berkeley, Duke, Northwestern, Cornell, NYU, Texas-Austin, Georgetown, Washington-St. Louis, Boston University, Notre Dame, Emory, Ohio State, Minnesota, UC-Hastings, University of Southern California, UC-Davis, Washington-Seattle, Loyola Marymount, Pepperdine, UC-Irvine, and Indiana-Bloomington).

3 were accepted for additional Masters degrees in Art History (NYU), Economics (Barcelona, LSE, Stockholm), Human Rights (Padova), Human Development and Food Security (Roma Tre, Edinburgh), Public Policy (Sciences Po, Torino), and Humanitarian Action (NOHA).



In 2016, our graduates also had funded PhD offers in (1) Comparative Human Development, (6) Southern Asian Studies (UChicago, Harvard), Public Health (Emory, University of Southern California, NYU, Washington-St. Louis, George Washington, Johns Hopkins), Communications (LSE, University of Southern California), English (UNC-Chapel Hill, Washington-Seattle), and Design (Illinois Institute of Design). Four students received funded offers in Law (UC-Berkeley, NYU, Georgetown, UCLA, University of Southern California, UC-Davis, UC-Hastings, Michigan, Cornell, Washington-St. Louis, Minnesota, Columbia, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Chicago-Kent, Notre Dame, Emory) and one was accepted with funding to Medical School (University of Illinois at Chicago, Loyola). 



In 2015, our graduates also had funded PhD offers in Business (Harvard, Michigan, MIT), Social Work (UChicago), Public Policy (Indiana, Brandeis, Minnesota, UMass-Boston, Penn State), Geography (Illinois-Urbana Champaign, Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Northern Illinois), English (Boston College), Audiology (Illinois-Urbana Champaign), and Biology (Case Western). They received partially funded Law School offers from Northwestern, Chicago-Kent, Texas-Austin, Cornell, Loyola, Berkeley, DePaul, Georgetown, Vanderbilt, UCLA, and Villanova.    



In 2014, our graduates also had funded PhD offers in Divinity (UChicago), Marketing/Behavioral Science (UChicago-Booth, UCLA), Economics (Helsinki Swedish), Communications (Wisconsin-Madison, North Carolina, Michigan-Ann Arbor, Illinois-Chicago, Northwestern, Minnesota, Pennsylvania), Philosophy (UC-Riverside), Public Health (Hopkins, UIC, Harvard, and Iowa), Education (UCLA, Temple, Michigan-Ann Arbor, UC-Irvine, Harvard, Michigan State, Virginia), Social Work (Washington-St. Louis), Women’s Studies (UC-Santa Cruz, SUNY-Stony Brook), Comparative Literature (CUNY), and Performance Studies (NYU).



In 2013, they had funded doctoral offers in Education (Toronto), Ethnic Studies (UC-San Diego), African-American Studies (UC-Irvine), Germanic Studies (Michigan), Near Eastern Studies (Princeton), Geography (Manchester), Communications and Media Technology (UC-Santa Barbara, UC-Irvine, Illinois-Chicago, Massachusetts, Drexel, Nottingham), Advertising (Texas), and Urban Planning (Michigan, Kentucky, Virginia Tech).



In 2012, they had funded doctoral offers in Architecture (Michigan, Illinois), Philosophy (St. Andrews, Purdue, Ruhr-Bochum), Public Affairs (Texas), English (Duke, NYU, Wisconsin, UC-Santa Barbara, Vanderbilt, Virginia), Folklore (Indiana), Women’s Studies (Emory), Linguistics (UC-Los Angeles, NYU, Oxford, University College London), African-American Studies (NYU), Near Eastern Studies (Harvard, UC-Los Angeles), Culture & Media Studies (NYU), Classics (UC-Santa Barbara), Religion (Syracuse, UC-Santa Barbara), Business/Marketing (UChicago, Toronto, UC-San Diego), and Education (Michigan State, Michigan, Stanford).



In 2011, they had funded doctoral offers in East Asian Studies (Columbia, Toronto), Latin American Studies (UC-Berkeley), Religion (Toronto, Vanderbilt), Marketing (Pennsylvania), Communications (Pennsylvania), and Criminal Justice (CUNY, Temple, Michigan State).