21 of 22 (95%)

Funded PhD offers from: UChicago (6), NYU, Harvard, Illinois-Urbana Champaign, Wisconsin-Madison, Ohio State, Temple, Tulane, Connecticut, Edinburgh, Oxford, Cornell, SUNY-Albany, Minnesota, Michigan, Colorado-Boulder, Brown, St. Louis, Texas-Austin, Pittsburgh, Johns Hopkins, University of Southern Carolina, Yale, Rutgers, Duke, Michigan State, Clark, Berkeley, Vanderbilt, and Maryland.


12 / 13 (92%)

Funded PhD offers from: Toronto, Columbia, UNC-Chapel Hill, UCLA, Brown, Notre Dame, University of Southern California, Cornell, Washington, Wisconsin-Madison, Illinois Urbana-Champaign, NYU, Temple, UC-Riverside, Princeton, Indiana-Bloomington, Saint Louis, Colorado, Minnesota, Michigan, CUNY, Northwestern, and Kansas.


21 / 23 (91%)

Funded offers from: UChicago (4), Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Duke, NYU, UCLA, Rutgers, Rice, Minnesota, Emory, Ohio State, Virginia, South Carolina, Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Vanderbilt, UVA, UNC-Chapel Hill, UC-Berkeley, Georgia, Johns Hopkins, Maryland, UNC-Greensboro, Florida, Loyola, Washington-Seattle, Michigan, Oregon, Stanford, Boston College, Tufts, Boston University, Michigan State, Carnegie Mellon, Brown, George Washington, Texas-Austin, UMass-Amherst, Wisconsin, UIC, and Indiana.


11 / 15 (73%) 

Funded offers from: UChicago (2), Temple, UC-Berkeley, Illinois-Chicago, Hopkins, Florida, Harvard, Columbia, Duke, Boston College, UC-Riverside, Rutgers, William & Mary, Emory, the New School, and Brown.


14 /15 (93%) 

Additional offers from: Tulane, Yale, UCLA, UC-Santa Barbara, Wisconsin-Madison, Stanford, Indiana-Bloomington, Princeton, Pennsylvania, Australian National, Monash, NYU, Cornell, Colorado, Texas-Austin, Florida, Maryland, Michigan.


19 / 22 (86%) 

Additional offers from: Minnesota, MIT, Oxford, North Carolina, Arizona State, Texas Tech, Tennessee, Purdue, Ohio State, Illinois-Urbana Champaign, Cambridge, LSE, Notre Dame, Georgia, University College London, Catholic University, Northwestern, CUNY.


20 / 21 (95%) 

Additional offers from: Carnegie Mellon, Florida International, Queens, Exeter, UC-Irvine, George Washington, Virginia, Vanderbilt, American, Washington University-St. Louis, Missouri, Loyola-Chicago, Glasgow.      


13 / 16 (81%) 

Additional offers from: Washington, Rice, UC-Davis, Miami, Boston University, Kentucky, UC-San Diego.    


5 / 5 (100%) 

Additional offers from: Pittsburgh, Trinity-Dublin.