8 of 11 (73%)   

Funded PhD offers from: UChicago (2), Wisconsin-Madison, Rice, Toronto, Michigan-Ann Arbor, Duke, UT-Austin, Calgary, Georgia State, Cornell, Maryland, and UC-Davis.


7 of 9 (78%)

Funded PhD offers from: UChicago (2), UPenn, UCLA, UNC-Chapel Hill, Maryland, Wisconsin-Madison, Michigan, Ohio State, Duke, Penn State, UC-Berkeley, Boston University, UC-Irvine, and Portland State.


13 of 13 (100%)

Funded PhD offers from: UChicago (3), LSE, Duke, Maryland, UPenn, Columbia, UCLA, Brown, Minnesota, Stanford, Northwestern, Texas-Austin, Erasmus University Rotterdam, UC-Davis, Simon Fraser, and Boston University.


7 of 8 (88%)

Funded PhD offers from: UChicago (2), Northwestern, Princeton, Caltech, Cornell, Wisconsin-Madison, Boston University, Minnesota, and University College London.



4 of 4 (100%) 

During our first year of operation, applicants received funded PhD offers from Northwestern, Princeton, Caltech, Cornell, and University College London.