MAPSS Academic Research Conference

Congratulations on finishing up a year of difficult classwork! As part of your celebrations, we hope you will come to the annual MAPSS Academic Research Conference, this Firday, May 19. This is an excellent chance to support your peers as they present the original research they conducted this year, and to take part in a day of MAPSS love! RSVP HERE. Feel free to come and go as your schedule allows, and be sure to note the correct room number of the panel you would like to attend. As we finalize this year's schedule, take a look at year's event:



Location: Saieh Hall, Room 242


Location: Saieh Hall, Room 247


Perspectives on Environments + Climate Change


Perspectives on Life in Chicago

Discussant: Jill Buccola  Discussant: Jinjing Xia
Elizabeth Huppert, "Effects of Scarcity on Moral Behavior and Judgments"  Janina Selzer, "Displacement without Being Displaced--How Residents' Policing Strategies Uphold Racial Boundaries in a Diverse Neighborhood"
Sana Saiyed, "Weather and Litter Demography in a Population of Belding's Ground Squirrels (Urocitellus beldingi) Megan Machamer, "Constructing Modern Marriage Imaginaries"
Andrew Seber, "The Nonanticipated Future: Toward an Ethics of Nonhuman Danger" Nick DiRago, "The Growth Machine in Chicago: Continuity Despite Change"
Arian Albear, "Comparative Study of Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) and Insecticide-Treated Nets (ITNs) as Malaria Interventions" Sharon Jacobs, "'How We Came to Chicago': Framing Belonging Through Narratives of Middle Eastern Refugee Journeys"


Perspectives on Learning & Education


Perspectives on Governance

Discussant: Hannah Park Discussant: Jimena Garcia 
Ling Zhong, "Measuring Gender-Math Stereotypes Among Lower Elementary School Children" Andrew Smith, "The Republic and the Roms: Republicanism and the Politics of Expulsion in France, 2010-2013"
Scott Danielson, "Condemning and Backing It Up: The Effect of Evidence on Judgments of Moral Violations"  David Frappier, "Concordia Ordinum Novorum: A Call for Aristocratic Solidarity in the Letters of Quintus Aurelius Symmachus"
Jill Buccola, "'Die Übergang': Science and Modernity in Late Nineteenth-Century Germany Education" Maria Fernanda López Portillo, "Rhetoric Constructions of Community Participation Under Salinas"
Spreeha Debchaudhury, "The Interaction of Gesture and Math Anxiety" Maximiliano Vejares, "Varieties of Political Orders in the Post-Colonial Southern Cone"





Perspectives on Race, Ethnicity, and Recognition


Perspectives on Publics

Discussant: Aleschia Hyde Discussant: Anna Harris
Jennie Qu, "The Relative Price of Racial Group Membership: Justice Restoration in the Third-Party Modified Ultimatum Game" Antonio Gioia, "Perceptions of PLUR: Understanding the Raver's Code of Peace/Love/Unity/Respect"
Robyn Taylor-Neu, "Echo in the Archive: Tanya Tagaq's Nanook of the North" Tory Starzyk, "Indexing Expertise: Developing the "Bodymind" vis-a-vis Yoga Terminology"
Fellipe Carvalho, "Religion, Modernization, and the Proclamation of the Republic in Brazil" Sam Dalton, "Blurring the Distinctions Between the Public, Social, and Private: Introducing Arendt's Conception of 'Public Happiness' to the Contemporary Happiness"
Jinjing Xia, "Speaking the Difference: How Does Language Ideology Shape Ethnic Identities in a Tibetan Village?" Marcilena Shaeffer, "On Utopian Absurdity: What a Fictional Small Desert Community Can Teach Us,"


Perspectives on Labor + Collective Action


Discussant: Jonah Rubin


Josh Mayer, "After Awas Tingni: Urban Communal Lands on Nicaragua's Caribbean Coast"


Andrew Messamore, "Against Austerity: Civic Associations, Failure, and Union Positioning in Chicago"


Aleschia Hyde, "Altruistic or Pragmatic Multiculturalism in Latin America?: International Influence on the Incorporation of Black Rights in the 1991 Colombian Constitution"


Veda Hyun-Jin Kim, "A Historicised Analysis on Contentious Labour Politics in South Korea, 2009-2016: Case Studies on Labour-Capital Disputes at Three Manufacturing Firms"