Who supervises my MA Thesis?

Your faculty sponsor may be any University of Chicago faculty member you can interest in your project, no matter whether that person teaches in the Social Sciences, in the Humanities, the Physical Sciences, the Biological Sciences, or in one of our professional schools (Public Policy, Law, SSA, Divinity, Business). Over 250 faculty members from around the University have supervised MAPSS MA theses in the last two years alone.

Your MAPSS preceptor also evaluates your paper, after organizing your MA proposal-writing workshop in January and meeting regularly with you to assist in the development, drafting, and execution of your project.

If I don’t get my thesis done by the end of spring quarter, do I have to keep paying tuition to the University until it’s finished?

No. You have nine courses required for your degree (three per quarter on a full-time basis) and after that you pay no further tuition. Our MAPSS faculty remain available to you for thesis supervision and evaluation, until your degree is completed.

All students must earn their MA degree within 10 years of starting MAPSS.

What kinds of things do MAPSS students write about?

The MA thesis topics you find in MAPSS are as diverse as our students. They reflect a broad range of interests, disciplines and methodologies, informed by UChicago training and course work. Some recent titles include:

  • “Democratic Leadership in Athens and its Role in Thucydides’ Political Thought”
  • “Toward the Eradication of the Trafficking of Women: Rectifying Rights and Rescue in Theory and Practice”
  • “The Cloning Debate: A Cultural Psychology of Morality”
  • “Multinationals, Labor, and the Chinese State: A Comparative Case Study of Motorola and McDonald’s in China”
  • “Sacred Travel Sites in Cyberspace”
  • “American Indian Powwows in the 21st Century: Creating Cultural and Ethnic Identity and Community through Dance”

You can also get an idea of MAPSS MA thesis topics by looking at the Johnson Prize Winning MA Theses.