Associate Instructional Professor in Psychology

1155 E. 60th Street, Room 408
(773) 702-2985

Dr. Fan is is the Associate Instructional Professor of Psychology. She completed her PhD in Psychology at the University of Chicago. Additionally, she also holds an MA degree from the Department of Psychology at the University of Chicago (2012) and a BA degree in Psychology and Economics at the University of Toronto (2008).

Her primary research interest examines how culture plays a pivotal role in the development of self, particularly how the experience of hearing and speaking other languages besides one’s native language might initiate an enhanced sense of understanding and acceptance of others. Her doctoral research examined the social benefits and consequences of bilingualism.

She has taught graduate courses on Advanced Statistical Methods as well as topics in Developmental, Cognitive, Social and Cultural Psychology. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, and more recently, Duke Today.