Undergraduate Institution: National University of Singapore
Undergraduate Major: B.Soc.Sci Sociology 
Pre-MAPSS Graduate Studies: M.Soc.Sci Sociology (National University of Singapore)
MAPSS Graduation Year: 2012

I applied directly to MAPSS, intending to continue my study in sociology. My one year at MAPSS reified my academic and personal interest in sociology, thanks not only to finding other similarly-minded grad students, but also through the dedication and passion of the sociology faculty. The courses that most shaped my year at MAPSS would be Perspectives taught by Prof John MacAloon; Prof Andy Abbott’s The Chicago School of Sociology; and most importantly, Prof Kristen Schilt’s Theorizing Gender, which helped me cement my academic and political passion for gender and sexuality. My MA thesis focused on identities of multiracial white/Asian university students in the Chicago area, and attempted to problematise the “tragic mulatto” stereotype. I worked closely with Prof John Levi Martin on this project, who was instrumental in its entire process. I am currently in the sociology PhD program at Boston University. As an international student, MAPSS has certainly helped with my PhD applications. I have been able to make contacts with professors who have offered invaluable advice over the years, been supported by a wonderful staff at MAPSS, was welcomed into an extremely global cohort, and received an excellent foundation for understanding both the American academic system and American sociology.