Manager, Behavioral and Economic Analysis and Decision-making (BEAD), NORC at UChicago

Spotlight on Behavioral Science: Mark Lush is Manager of the Behavioral and Economic Analysis and Decision-Making (BEAD) team at NORC at the University of Chicago. Mark received his BA in Anthropology from Oberlin College and MA in Social Sciences from the University of Chicago where he focused on consumer financial decision-making and conducted original research investigating how users interpret suggested credit card payment amounts.

Prior to NORC, Mark was the Lead Consultant and Behavioral Scientist at Allstate’s Data, Discovery, and Decision Sciences (D3) Department. Mark has led and executed UX research projects involving in-depth interviews on topics related to asset allocation, investment fees, debt repayment strategies, and risk tolerance. He has spent over 15 years in the financial advice and insurance industries in both Australia and the US.

He serves on the career services board of the University of Chicago’s alumni committee, co-organized the Chicago chapter of Action-Design Network, and serves as a mentor coach for America Needs You, a non-profit that fights for economic mobility for first-generation college students.