Throughout the academic year, MAPSS provides a range of valuable support services to aid students in the timely completion of both their coursework and MA research thesis.

MAPSS Fund for Applied Research

In 2012, through a generous donation from GfK User Centric, MAPSS established the MAPSS Fund for Applied Research. The fund provides support to student thesis research and ensures our students access to cutting-edge research facilities, technology and mentors.

As part of the fund, the GfK Awards for Innovative Research in the Social Sciences are awarded to a select number of students each year whose thesis projects are innovative in their field with respect to method, population, or conception. As part of the award application, students may seek support in the form of funding, facility access and mentor consultations with MAPSS alumni working at GfK.  For more on GfK, please visit their website. Applications to the MAPSS Fund for Applied Research open in the Winter Quarter of every year.  

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Students working with human subjects must complete an Institutional Review Board (IRB) evaluation of their research agenda and research plan. MAPSS provides training workshops that are specifically designed to guide students through this process. If a research project involves human subjects training is mandatory.

Please see the IRB page for more information.

The University of Chicago Libraries

UChicago is first and foremost a research institution and its world-class library system boasts the Western Hemisphere’s largest collection of research materials in one location. In addition to print and digital resources, the library’s research staff has deep expertise in nearly all the literatures and disciplines relevant for MAPSS students, and is available to students for consultation.

For more information please see the library’s website or contact the Social Science liaison.