PhD Outcomes for MAPSS Graduates

MAPSS places more graduates in funded PhD programs than any MA program in the world. Over the last decade, we have sent between 55 and 70 of our students for the PhD each year, at a 91% aggregate placement rate.

We only count results that are fully funded (tuition plus RA/TAship or stipend) for a minimum of 4 years.

2016 Aggregate Results

For the 2016 admission cycle, 56 of 60 (93%) MAPSS graduates who applied with our assistance received funded offers.

By comparison, we were 68 of 75 in 2015 (91%), 66 of 74 in 2014 (89%), 62 of 66 in 2013 (94%), 78 of 92 for 2012 (85%), 68 of 72 for 2011 (94%), 52 of 58 for 2010 (90%), and 50 of 55 for 2009 (91%).

2016 PhD Placement by Discipline

In 2016, our students averaged more than 3 funded PhD offers each.    


Anthropology | 14 of 14 MAPSS applicants (100%) have funded offers. They include several admits from UChicago (4), UC-Davis, Texas-Austin, LSE, UC-Santa Cruz, Oregon, William & Mary, Virginia, UC-Santa Barbara, George Washington, UC-Irvine, McGill, Michigan, Stanford, UCLA, Minnesota, University of New Mexico, UC-San Diego, Cornell, Northwestern, Maryland-College Park, UC-Berkeley, UMass-Amherst, Columbia, Maine, and Toronto.

Past Anthropology PhD placements can be found here.

Economics | MAPSS will matriculate its first class of Economics concentrators in September 2016. They have been carefully selected by our Economics faculty, and we expect to reproduce the PhD application success that we have had in all other other disciplines. Their results will be updated here, as we receive them.


History | 12 of 13 MAPSS applicants (92%) have funded offers. They include admits from Toronto, Columbia, UNC-Chapel Hill, UCLA, Brown, Notre Dame, University of Southern California, Cornell, Washington, Wisconsin-Madison, Illinois Urbana-Champaign, NYU, Temple, UC-Riverside, Princeton, Indiana-Bloomington, Saint Louis, Colorado, Minnesota, Michigan, CUNY, Northwestern, and Kansas.

Past History PhD placements can be found here.

Political Science | 8 of 9 MAPSS applicants (89%) have funded offers. They include admits from UChicago (1), Cornell, Johns Hopkins, Ohio State, Toronto, Virginia, Northwestern, University of Southern California, Vanderbilt, California-Irvine, Wisconsin-Madison, George Washington, Illinois-Urbana Champaign, UIC, Washington, CUNY, American University, Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill, UC-San Diego, UCLA, and Minnesota.

Past Political Science PhD placements can be found here.

Psychology | 6 of 8 MAPSS applicants (75%) have funded offers. They include admits from UChicago (1), Northwestern, Indiana, Pittsburgh, Ohio State, UC-Irvine, Minnesota, NYU, Georgetown, Michigan, Virginia, UC-Irvine, and Pittsburgh.

Past Psychology PhD placements can be found here.

Sociology | 9 of 9 MAPSS applicants (100%) have funded offers. They include several admits from UChicago (3), Boston University, UC-Irvine, Virginia, Texas-Austin, UC-San Diego, McGill, UPenn, UC-Santa Cruz, University of British Columbia, University of Southern California, CUNY, Toronto, Colorado-Boulder, Missouri, UC-Riverside, SUNY-Stony Brook, Virginia Tech, Boston College, Purdue, UIC, Notre Dame, UC-Berkeley, Michigan, Indiana, NYU, Northwestern, Harvard, and CUNY-Albany.

Past Sociology PhD placements can be found here.

Other Disciplines  

We had one PhD admit in Comparative Human Development.

Six others were accepted for the PhD in Southern Asian Studies (UChicago, Harvard), Public Health (Emory, University of Southern California, NYU, Washington-St. Louis, George Washington, Johns Hopkins), Communications (LSE, University of Southern California), English (UNC-Chapel Hill, Washington-Seattle), and Design (Illinois Institute of Design).

Four students received funded offers in Law (UC-Berkeley, NYU, Georgetown, UCLA, University of Southern California, UC-Davis, UC-Hastings, Michigan, Cornell, Washington-St. Louis, Minnesota, Columbia, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Chicago-Kent, Notre Dame, Emory).

One was accepted with funding to Medical School (University of Illinois at Chicago, Loyola).

Two were accepted for the Masters of Public Health and for the Masters of Social Work.

Past PhD and additional placements in other disciplines can be found here.

2016 PhD Admission at UChicago

At least 11 MAPSS graduates were accepted for the PhD at the University of Chicago in 2016. There are over 100 MAPSS graduates now pursuing the PhD on campus.