PhD Outcomes for MAPSS Graduates

MAPSS places more graduates in funded PhD programs than any MA program in the world. Over the last decade, we have sent an average of 66 students for the PhD each year. Over 90% of our graduates have been successful in their applications.

We only count results that are fully funded (tuition plus RA/TAship or stipend) for a minimum of 4 years.

2018 Aggregate Results

For the 2018 admission cycle, 90 of 103 (87%) MAPSS graduates who applied with our assistance received funded offers.

By comparison, we were 69 of 77 (90%) in 2017, 56 of 60 in 2016 (93%), 68 of 75 in 2015 (91%), 66 of 74 in 2014 (89%), 62 of 66 in 2013 (94%), 78 of 92 for 2012 (85%), 68 of 72 for 2011 (94%), 52 of 58 for 2010 (90%), and 50 of 55 for 2009 (91%).

2018 PhD Placement by Discipline

In 2018, our students averaged almost 3 funded PhD offers each.

22 were accepted at the University of Chicago for PhD study.

In Anthropology, 13 of 15 MAPSS applicants (87%) have funded offers. They include admits at UChicago (1), Michigan-Ann Arbor, Indiana-Bloomington, UC-Berkeley, SOAS, Arizona, Cambridge, CUNY, UC-Irvine, Notre Dame, Duke, William and Mary, Texas-Austin, Virginia, Washington-St. Louis, SUNY-Binghamton, Georgia, Minnesota, UC-Riverside, and Rice.

Past Anthropology PhD placements can be found here.

In Economics, 7 of 8 MAPSS applicants (88%) have funded offers. They include admits at UChicago (2), Northwestern, Princeton, Caltech, Cornell, Wisconsin-Madison, Boston University, Minnesota, and University College London.

Past Economics PhD placements can be found here.

In History, 18 of 22 MAPSS applicants (82%) have funded offers. They include admits at UChicago (2), Boston College, UC-Santa Barbara, Stanford, Michigan-Ann Arbor, Boston University, Florida State, UCLA, Loyola, UPenn, Cincinnati, Rutgers, Maryland, Connecticut, Texas-Austin, Kent State, Minnesota, Virginia, Northwestern, Vanderbilt, Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Cornell, Indiana-Bloomington, Washington-Seattle, the University of Southern California, UIC, and Stony Brook.

Past History PhD placements can be found here.

In Political Science, 12 of 13 MAPSS applicants (92%) have funded offers. They include admits at UChicago (5), UCLA, Ohio State, Wisconsin-Madison, Minnesota, UPenn, Yale, UMass-Amherst, Duke, UC-Davis, NYU, UC-San Diego, Virginia, George Washington, Toronto, UC-Irvine, McGill, UC-Berkeley, Columbia, Michigan-Ann Arbor, Penn State, Princeton, Texas-Austin, Georgetown, the London School of Economics, and the University of Southern California.

Past Political Science PhD placements can be found here.

In Psychology, 14 of 20 MAPSS applicants (70%) have funded offers. They include admits at UChicago (3), Washington-Seattle, Columbia, Texas-Austin, UC-Santa Cruz, Virginia, Cornell, Northwestern, Hawai’i-Manoa, Wisconsin-Madison, Clark, UC-San Diego, Purdue, Ohio State, UC-Berkeley, NYU, Kentucky, Temple, Michigan State, UC-Riverside, Brown, Indiana-Bloomington, Loyola, and Alabama.

Past Psychology PhD placements can be found here.

In Sociology, 16 of 17 MAPSS applicants (94%) have funded offers. They include admits at UChicago (5), UCLA, Brown, Princeton, CUNY, Duke, UC-Santa Barbara, Yale, Ohio State, UNC-Chapel Hill, Boston University, Minnesota, Michigan-Ann Arbor, Penn State, Indiana-Bloomington, UC-San Diego, Virginia, NYU, Wisconsin-Madison, Columbia, University of Southern California, UPenn, Washington-Seattle, British Columbia, Brandeis, and Rutgers.

Past Sociology PhD placements can be found here.

Other Disciplines

4 MAPSS applicants were accepted for the PhD in Comparative Human Development at UChicago.

20 applicants were accepted for the PhD in Communications (Stanford, NYU, University of Southern California, UC-Davis), Urban Planning (MIT, UC-Berkeley, UPenn, UCLA, Washington-Seattle, Illinois-Urbana Champaign, Rutgers), Women’s and Gender Studies (Kentucky), Public Policy (Colorado-Denver, Duke), Human Development and Family Studies (Michigan State), Marketing (Cornell, NYU, Washington-St. Louis, South Carolina, Washington-Seattle, Boston University), Management and Organizations (Northwestern), Informatics (Indiana-Bloomington), Science and Technology Studies (Cornell), American Studies (Harvard), Islamic Studies (Emory), Comparative Literature (UC-Davis), and Religious Studies (Texas-Austin and UC-Davis).

3 students received funded offers in Law (Harvard, UC-Berkeley, Vanderbilt, DePaul, Notre Dame, and Northwestern).

1 applicant received an offer for Medical School (Korea).

2 students were accepted for an additional Masters in Social Work (UChicago and Michigan-Ann Arbor), and 1 for a Masters in Public Health (Rutgers). 

Past PhD and additional placements in other disciplines can be found here.

2018 PhD Admission at UChicago

At least 22 MAPSS graduates were accepted for the PhD at the University of Chicago in 2018. There are over 100 MAPSS graduates now pursuing the PhD on campus.