Post-graduate internships are an excellent way to gain experience in a particuliar field and complements the traditional academic education of graduate students in the Social Sciences by providing supplemental training and experience in areas that will contribute to preparing students. There are summer internships at prominent organizations and 1-2 year professional internships as well.  There are many additional resources, tools, and tips for students to pursue training on their own as well.


Externships are mini-internships lasting between 1 and 5 days. Externships are intended to give students the opportunity to engage with organizations and industries in ways no website can offer. Rather than passive information, externships enable students to validate their assumptions about career paths through direct experience in alumni industries. Our alumni are generous with their time and have hosted students in Chicago, DC, Los Angeles and many places in between. Externships take place over Winter, Spring or Summer breaks.

Previous externships hosts include: Abundant Ventures, Palantir, Illinois Science and Technology Coalition, Trial Research Partners, & National People’s Action.