BA/MA Degree Requirements

(for current UChicago College students)

Qualified students in the College who wish to pursue a joint BA/MA degree should consult first with their College Adviser, then with the Dean of Students in the Division of the Social Sciences (Email).

Any questions about MAPSS can be directed to our Student Affairs Administrator (E.G. Enbar). 

Additional requirements:

  • Applications are due by February 1st (priority deadline) and read on a rolling basis through April 30th (final deadline).
  • Applicants are expected to have a GPA of 3.55 or higher.
  • The application is submitted online, to the Dean of Students of the Graduate Division of the Social Sciences.
  • BA/MA applicants should not pay the application fee. Email to ask how to receive the fee waiver.
  • GRE scores are not required.
  • Prospective BA/MA students are expected to complete all of their general education requirements, and all but three of their BA requirements, before they begin the BA/MA program in the September of their 4th year.
  • Up to three graduate courses can be used as electives in the undergraduate program, or can be applied to the undergraduate major, by petition to the Director of Undergraduate Studies.
  • The total number of approved credits for the joint degree is 48, if three graduate courses in the 4th year are double-counted for the BA degree.
  • Students in the BA/MA program are charged tuition at graduate rates in their 4th year. They retain whatever scholarships have been provided in the College.
  • Students may walk and receive the BA in June, if they wish to graduate with other members of their class. They must receive the MA no later than the August convocation following their September matriculation.
  • All other requirements for the MA degree in MAPSS are identical. Students must complete a total of 9 graduate courses, including our core course, “Perspectives in Social Science Analysis,” from the time they first matriculate in September; they must satisfy our graduate methods requirement; and they must submit a faculty-approved MA thesis.
  • It may be possible to write a single thesis to meet requirements for both the MA degree and the undergraduate major. Please check this document, and request a petition from the Student Affairs Administrator in the MA program.