A Strong Association

MAPSS has the largest number of alumni of any University of Chicago graduate program. While they may have taken different paths, students in each MAPSS cohort bond over the intensity of their year and each has a story to share. Most remember it as the most intellectually free and stimulating year of their lives. With over 75 years as the largest and most academically diverse program at the university, we believe our students and alumni deserve special attention. That’s why we created the MAPSS Alumni Association.

The MAPSS Alumni Association is an independent group of alumni working to cultivate an active intellectual and social community while supporting the professional transitions of graduates throughout their careers. The board’s membership includes over 30 years of alumni and meets biannually in Chicago to expand initiatives and improve services. The board and its committees plan, oversee, and host social and educational events throughout the year.

Past events include a MAPSS Alumni Fall SocialMAPSS Perspectives Pub Quiz Night, a night of networking at Fado’s Irish Pub on West Grand Avenue, a Jazz-Age Lawn Party that brought everyone back in time to the 1920s for a rollicking and delightful evening of live music from Chicago-based American Jazz Band Keith Baumann’s Dixie Tornadoes and a social night at Cleos on West Chicago Avenue in Chicago.

More about the Board

Over a decade ago, a dedicated group of MAPSS alumni laid the foundation for what has now become a formalized board of directors and committees. The Association’s goal is to have one board member represent each cohort in MAPSS history. The association has included members whose graduation from the program extends back to 1980s. With a solid alumni base now established in Chicago, we plan to expand to other areas of the country and establish satellite groups on the east and west coasts in the coming years.

We welcome any alumni who want to participate and are currently seeking additional board members. Please contact Kathleen Cosyns (Current Alumni Board President), Darcy Heuring (Associate Director of MAPSS and Lecturer in History), or Shelly L. Robinson (Director of Career Services & Sr. Program Development Officer) for more information.